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Went to my meeting this morning

Which was good. Then came home and did stuff around the house, the dishes and suchlike. Also did some on-line paperwork. And contacted Herschel by facebook because I needed to talk to someone. Waiting to hear back from him. David M i in the area, don't know if I'll see him or not though.

Almost had an appointment to view an apartment but it fell through because of my credit rating.

No news about the FWiB, I couldn't get myself to call, because his brother won't be there and I'm shy of talking to his sisters, who will be there at some point.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. My meeting and the people there.

3. Friends, on-line and off.

4. On-line banking.

5. Quiet days.

6. My dishes are done.

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