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So I'm back home

Last night had a very good time at mashfanficchick's place. We watched several episodes of West Wing, and had dinner and stayed up very late.

Today when I got up I found she'd been sick during the night, which killed any plans for the day. I took myself home and puttered on the computer and fed the snake.

Tomorrow we were supposed to go to Bay Terrace, I hope she'll be up to it.

I've been reading the Annotated H. P. Lovecraft this evening. Interesting annotations though it sort of breaks the mood of the story.

Snowmageddon tomorrow.

Gratitude List:

1. Friends.

2. No problems feeding the snake.

3. H. P. Lovecraft.

4. The FWiB.

5. Have tomorrow off.

6. Wasn't bad weather today.
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