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OK start to 2015

The day went reasonably well. Considering how little sleep I got. Work and my meeting in the evening. Work was OK, the meeting was good.

To catch up on the past couple of days. New Years Eve we got out of work at 3, like Christmas Eve, and I went straight to mashfanficchick's house. Finished the shopping for the evening with them and her friend Mandy, then got everything set up. John, Dani and Theo came over with their friends Kim and Aurora and we partied. Had a good time, got to bed at around 5 am. Meanwhile The Kid and SIL had dropped off Carmina and the snake in my place since they are moving (don't think I've wrotten about this) and I am cat and snake sitting til they get their new place.

Slept til around 2 pm. Got up and hung out until it turned into a party again. The Kid and SIL showed up (they are staying at mashfanficchick's house for awhile) and we all had sushi.

I finally got home and got to bed. And that was my holiday making. Very fun.

And now it's almost time for bed.

Gratitude List:

1. Holidays.

2. Friends.

3. The FWiB.

4. The Kid and SIL.

5. New year starts.

6. My meeting and the people there.
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