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A productive day

I got a fair amount of stuff done that needed doing. Went into Flushing and got a new lightbulb for the turtle tank. Took my laundry down, did some shopping. Uploaded my vacation pictures to the computer. Stuff like that.

Not much else new. Bjorn slipped out again but I grabbed him in front of the house. Then when I tried to get him back in Sybil was sitting right by the front door just waiting to slip out when I opened it. So I had to wait until she got bored and wandered off into the apartment before I dared open it. Fun times.

Gratitude List:

1. I got Bjorn back and Sybil didn't get out.

2. The Kid and SIL got upstate safely.

3. The FWiB.

4. Saw a parrot sitting outside the house.

5. Nice weather.

6. Relaxing day off.

Edited to add: Forgot tosay, when I was in Flushing I was shocked to discover Red Mango is closed. There is a new yogurt place but I don't like it as much. Had yogurt there today.
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