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Missed posting last night

Because I got in so late from mashfanficchick's. So to catch up, after the mad dash to the vet's I got to bed so late I called in sick Monday and slept. Then got my prescriptions filled and paid the rent, then went over to mashfanficchick's to finish the tie dying. It turned out beautifully. We had sushi and went out for dessert. Then came home late.

Today I went to work and it was kind of hectic. Went to my meeting which was good because I needed to get some stuff off my chest.

Bjorn still seems fine. All is well.

Gratitude List:

1. My meeting and the people there.

2. Bjorn is well.

3. Day went fast.

4. Doves in the morning.

5. Tie dying.

6. The FWiB.
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