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Grumpy day

The weather today is horrible and nothing seems good. Work was disturbed. Nothing really bad happened but things were unquiet. I didn't hear from the FWiB all day and then when he phoned he told me he may be moving back to his family home. Far to far for us to get together on any basis. It isn't definite by any means but I am worried and saddened. And because of the horrible weather, no Carvel tonight. *sigh* If I didn't have to go to work tomorrow I'd get good and plastered tonight.

Gratitude List:

1. The squirrel that I saw run across a street and not get hit by a car.

2. I brought my umbrella with me today.

3. And wore my heavy coat.

4. Bubble tea on the way home.

5. A glass of Drambuie when I got home.

6. The FWiB for as long as I have him.

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