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Group Anniversary

Today was the group anniversary of the Saturday meeting so I had a good time going to that. Got a ride over with one person and a ride back with another. Then I took a nap because I didn't sleep well last night. Then I wandered down to the store and got my scrips filled, and did some shopping. And since then I've been puttering on the computer. Watched an episode of Cosmos. Polished my nails again, this time with gold glitter polish. And that's about all.

Gratitude List:

1. My meeting and the people who go there.

2. Won something in the raffle, even though it wasn't much.

3. The rain started while I was in one store and stopped while I was in another.

4. Nice morning.

5. The FWiB.

6. Lead had been taken out of gasoline. (The subject of the Cosmos episode I watched)

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