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Bored and depressed

I could be doing housework but instead I'm posting here and listening to Pandora. Inside I'm ranting and railing against fate and chance and stuff like that. I should be with the FWiB today but the exigencies of life mean we can't be together now. It sucks. I am feeling pretty depressed. I went out shopping in the hopes that would cheer me up. It was good to get out but it didn't help much. I thought maybe posting something here would help and it is a bit. Making me think of what I really mean to say and what I really feel. So even though this isn't my usual time to post I guess I'll leave this here and see what else I can write. I feel so... frustrated. Confined and helpless. I guess I need to embrace my powerlessness, but I'm fighting it. Maybe I should read an alanon book and that would help.

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