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Stayed in most of the day

But I did have to go out for cat food. Kitties must be fed! I was able to get Bjorn's special food, fortunatly because the receptionist had come in to work today. She was the only one there and the door was locked but I knocked just inc ase and she let me in. GOT regular food from Walgrens.

Aside from that, great frustration. I finally got the fluorescent tubes from the landlord and installed them in my ceiling... and it still doesn't work right. I am frustrated.

The main part of the day however was spent in reading or puttering on-line. Or cuddling with the cats who were unusually attentive today.

Going tob ed to read soon.

Gratitude List:

1. Off work today so I didn't have to slog in.

2. On-line friends.

3. The kids are doing well.

4. The cats.

5. Was able to get Bjorn's food.

6. The FWiB.
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