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Go me!

I feel very accomplished tonight. I got the new Python siphon for the turtle tank and I figured out how to set it up with the sink and siphoned and refilled the turtle tank, and I figured out how to set up an use the Keurig coffee maker the kids got me for Christmas, and I figured out something with my e-mail spam blocker. Go me!

The only thing I am baffled on is something with Livejournal itself. I haven't been receiving notifications when I get comments, and I had wondered about that. Tonight Livejournal told me my e-mail was unvalidated because they've been getting error messeges from it for a week. So I figured it was something to do with my spam filter, which is why I was fooling with it (see above) but although I now have it set to divert spam to a folder rather than delete it, I still haven't gotten the validation e-mail from Livejournal. Anyone else having problems with notifications?

Work was too hot, which is better than too cold but still not comfortable. My cold is better but not great.

Gratitude List:

1. Friends.

2. Competence.

3. New siphon.

4. New coffee maker.

5. The kids.

6. The FWiB.

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