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Oldest Brother's birthday lunch

So Oldest Brother picked me up this morning and we ran some errands, til The Kid was ready. Then we all went to the dinner for a late brunch type meal. Then after that we went and had ice cream at Carvel.

Then we took a walk around Harvey park, which, while named after a Queens Boro president of the past, has a 6 foot white rabbit statue in honor of the move Harvey. We took some pictures with the white rabbit while we were there.

And then we came back here and Oldest Brother hung out for awhile.

Then I puttered on-line til now, and soon I'm going to bed.

Gratitude List:

1. Oldest Brother.

2. The diner.

3. Lovely spring weather.

4. Nice day.

5. Kept my temper when tempted not to.

6. The park.

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