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Murphy's Law

Was supposed to go on a date tonight with the young guy I went out with before, but Murphy's Law bolloxed it up. We were supposed to meet at Panera but he didn't show by half an hour after he was supposed to be there. So I left and went to Waldbaum's. Then I called a cab, and while I was waiting for it, who should show up but the gentleman in question. But going out at that point when I had a gallon of milk and two bags of other groceries was out of the question. Plus the cab was on it's way.

So hopefully we'll try again later.

Aside from that the day was OK. Work went quickly and not much happened.

Gratitude List:

1. I didn't get stood up like I thought.

2. Good dinner at Panera.

3. Work was quiet.

4. Didn't get caught in bad snow.

5. Cats.

6. Sunday tomorrow.

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