April 8th, 2021


Biopsy day the first, and seeing Oldest Brother.

Jon was supposed to call me at 8:00 this morning, and he didn't, which caused me a great deal of stress, because much as I do love the Rices, they can be a little flakey. I called him but he didn't answer. Then he called at 9:20 when I was in the shower. We agreed to meet in half an hour, and he was right on time, so that was OK.

We ate breakfast at Uncle Bill's Diner, and then he drove me to the medical building. No problems getting there and we were right on time. Then there was a fire alarm, the building had to be evacuated, and everyone stood around outside for awhile till they let us back in.

The biopsies were not as bad as i was expecting, but certainly not pleasant. They did three today, one on my right breast and two on my left, and they took several samples from each site, but it didn't really hurt. Then they did another mammogram to make sure they got it right, and I was done.

So Jon and I drove back the long way from the medical building, and ended up at the Stop and Shop in the shopping mall where Uncle bill's Diner is. He got something from the Stop and Shop, and by then it was time for lunch so we went to the Pho place, because they had indoor seating, and that was very delicious.

And then we drove to Oldest Brother's rehab place, and saw him!! He looks pretty good, he was talking pretty well, and I am pleased. They let us stay about half an hour, which was a good time.

Then Jon drove me home. We were talking about going out to dinner later, but decided against it eventually.

I Skyped the FWiB. we had a nice time, and it was very relaxing.

Then I called the Kid, because the application for AARP life insurance came in and we talked about it, and ended up Zooming and me watching her knit and me doing some crochet.

I called Middle Brother, he is doing OK. Jon called again and that's when we decided that instead of dinner tonight we'd do breakfast tomorrow, and then drive out to Long Island to see the family.

And I called Oldest brother and told him how good it was to see him.

Now I have to finish the life insurance application, and take it to the mailbox.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Saw oldest brother.

3. The Rices.

4. The fire didn't stop me from getting my biopsies.

5. The Kid.

6. Didn't hurt as much as I expected.
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