April 5th, 2021


To the doctor

Got up with enough time to have breakfast and coffee, and read my usual sites online before I hade to shower and dress to go.

The tripwas OK< except I discovered that getting on the 46 limited takes me to Glen Oaks, so I had to get off and wait for another regular 46 to get to where I needed to go. Made it to the doctor's right on time.

The visit was of course mostly about my breasts, but aside from that, he's leaving me on the small dose of the beta blockers, not giving me anything yet for the high cholesterol levels, but I'm supposed to eat better and try to get them down, oh, and I'm pre-diabetic, so I need to eat better on that front as well. But as to the breasts, he's given me a referral to a surgeon that I'm supposed to contact after the biopsies, and i guess she'll take it from there.

While I was checking out the Kid called, and I told her I couldn't talk then but would call her back, so I did, and we talked while I sat on the bench inside the medical building front door.

I ate lunch at bagel Boss, they didn't have the inside seating available for some reason but I ate outside like I did the first two times I ate there. Then I went to Barnes and Noble and bought a book of Valdemar short stories edited by Mercedes Lackey with a new novella by her.

Then I came home and called Oldest Brother, and then Skyped the FWiB. After I got off with the FWiB, I called the Rice's to tell them they have to call the social worker at Oldest Brother's rehab to set up an appointment for a visit.

Finally I went to the bedroom to continue reading Rule of Wolves, and at 9:00 I called Oldest Brother again. Then I called Denise to find out the latest on Aunt Helen, and the latest is no news. Finally I called the Kid again, and she was just about to go out on a date, so we couldn't talk.

So I read again until it was time to feed the pets, and here I am.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The Kid.

3. My medical plan.

4. The majority of my blood work was good.

5. Family.

6. Good books.
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