March 29th, 2021


Last day of vacation

I feel completely recovered from the effects of the vaccine except the arm is some to the touch near the injection site. But that's minor. My temperature last night got as high as 100.9, but the last time i checked it was within normal ranges.

Anyway, I didn't do much today. Last night i downloaded the sequel to The Invisible Library, The Masked City, and I've been reading that. I also finished the third season of The Expanse, so I'm now going to be starting the Amazon Prime seasons rather than the Sy Fy ones. I called oldest Brother the usual three times, and i called the Kid, who didn't pick up. And of course I Skyped the FWiB.

I've been working a bit on my crochet too, but I really have to start putting in some real work on that.

So tomorrow it's back to work. Bah humbug. Then Wednesday I have the second imaging, and maybe i'll find out a little about what's wrong. In the morning before I go there's an all Bronx staff meeting that I'm going to go to and that's 2 hours so I'll only lose 5 hours of sick time instead of 7, which is good. The staff meeting sounds rather ominous though. They have said we're not going into phase 2 before May 1st, though, so it's not about that.

Anyway, that's about it.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Recovered from the vacc.

3. Had this last day of vacation.

4. Good books.

5. Good TV.

6. Ice cream.
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