March 25th, 2021


Some disturbing news

I slept really late today to celebrate being off work, though I called Oldest Brother and then went back to sleep.

Then I got up and had breakfast and coffee, and started puttering on-line. Finally I called Oldest Brother's rehab to tell them about his enrollment on Medicare. I got told she'd call me back in about half an hour.

Ten minutes later the phone rang and I assumed it was the rehab calling me back, but it wasn't. It was the place where I had the mammogram and they want me to have additional imaging, next week. I made an appointment for Wednesday. So now I'm worried. They have me down for another mammogram, and a sonogram. Not exactly what I wanted to hear the day before my birthday... or ever.

Anyway, the rehab didn't call back for several hours. I'd given up, and had called Oldest Brother back, and started Skyping the FWiB when they called. So I took care of that at least.

So like I said, I Skyped the FWiB and we had a nice time. Then I watched two episodes of The Expanse. While I was watching, I got some texts from people in the Friday Al-anon group, and that was nice. After The Expanse episdoes I called Middle Brother. He's doing good.

Had dinner, and then went to the bedroom and called Oldest Brother again, then I called the kid and told her about the breast issues. She had me google some stuff which told me very little that I didn't already know but may have made her feel better. I read some of The Invisible Library until 10:00.

I fed the pets, and had ice cream, and then started here, and that's about all.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The Kid.

3. My brothers are well.

4. My birthday tomorrow.

5. Advanced breast imaging techniques.

6. Vacation time.
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