March 21st, 2021


Relaxing Sunday

I had thoughts for things I was going to do today. I didn't do them.

I got up and had breakfast and coffee and called Oldest Brother. Then I puttered around until the FWiB was ready to Skype, and we Skyped.

Between then and 8:30 I watched three episodes of The Expanse, called Oldest Brother again, puttered around on-line, and had dinner. Then at 8:30 I called Middle Brother, who is hoping that now that spring is here he might be able to get back to his day program. I hope so too.

Then I called Oldest Brother for the third time, and called the Kid.

Played solitaire and puttered on my phone until it was time to feed the pets, and then I did that.

Got talking to the FWiB about Chris D, and I decided to try and e-mail him. I thought I didn't have his address, but that I remembered it. Turns out that I misremembered it, but did in fact have it in the address book of my e-mail, so I dropped him a line and we'll see if he answers or not. I hope he does.

Tomorrow I have my mammogram. I'll get up at 9:30 and try to be out by 11:30. The appointment is at 1:45.

Yesterday the crossposting to LJ worked. Hopefully it will today too.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The Expanse.

3. My brothers are OK.

4. The Kid is too.

5. Crossposting working.

6. Found Chris's address.

Edited to add: I started a facebook birthday fundraiser, for the ACLU. Hope it gets some results.
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