March 15th, 2021


To the gynecologist

Got up today at 8:30-ish, had breakfast and coffee, showered, dressed, and headed out to the gynecologist appointment. No problem getting there thankfully, at last all the snow that there was my first trip to the medical building was gone.

I remembered when I got off the bus that I had forgotten to call Oldest Brother so I called him then. Made my way to the medical building, realized I was way to early, and crossed over to the shopping mall where I browsed in a boutique for awhile.

The gyn appointment was remarkably trauma-free, about the best I've ever had. The doctor has very light hands, I barely noticed when she did the pap smear. She said everything looked good, I get the pap smear results in about a week. While I was there I made the appointment for my mammogram, for next Monday.

Then I went to Bagel Boss for lunch, and they had some indoor seating, so that was good. I had my usual garlic bagel, toasted, with lox and cream cheese, and the broccoli salad, and the pickle it comes with.

Then I came home and called oldest brother again. I puttered on the computer and watched two episodes of the Expanse. Then I Skyped the FWiB. We had a nice talk.

After that I took out the garbage, which needed doing. and practiced my crochet. I have got to the point where I can do a single crochet. It isn't very pretty yet, I need to practice more before I start the kit project, but I can do it.

Then I went to the bedroom and called Oldest Brother again. Then I called the Kid nd told her of my day, and we talked a bit. She suggested I get a cheap skein of acrylic yarn to practice with, and I may.

I called Denise to find out how Aunt Helen is. She's doing OK, in a special close observation ward. Her heart was so strong that they don't have her on the temporary external pacemaker, they're just watching her closely. I called The Kid back and told her.

And then it was time to feed the pets, and here I am.

We'll see if livejournal will crosspost this or if I have to do it by hand.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The gyn was very good and everything looks OK.

3. Good lunch.

4. Figured out single crochet.

5. Aunt Helen doing OK.

6. Good computer shows.
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