March 11th, 2021


Another work from home day

But I had the Best Books for Teens meeting taking up two hours and the YA Programming chat taking up one. So it wasn't so bad.

I heard from Middle brother's group home about the Zoom meet for tomorrow. Despite my saying it should be in the evening they made it for 2:00 PM. Well, we'll make do, but it means that Denise won't be able to make it, or John. Aunt Helen is in the hospital again. The infection she had before has come back, apparently it has something to do with her pacemaker, so they are removing it temporarily and using an external one while they knock out the infection with massive antibiotic infusions. She'll stay about two weeks in the hospital, and they'll replace the pacemaker internally when the infection is licked.

After work I called the Kid and talked a bit, and called Oldest Brother, and called [personal profile] mashfanficchick and told them about tomorrow. So Middle brother will have some people there.

Then I Skyped the FWiB, and we talked. I had dinner, and then I called Middle Brother, and then Oldest Brother again. And then I called Denise, and that's when I found out about Aunt Helen.

That's about all, except I made the follow up appointment with my doctor, for April 5.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Zoom for Middle Brother.

3. Good books.

4. Ice cream.

5. My pets.

6. Aunt Helen is cared for.
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