March 7th, 2021


Late start, busy day

I slept quite late, got up around noon. Then I called Oldest Brother, breakfasted, and coffeed. Puttered on-line a little bit, then showered and dressed and went to the drug store.

They were supposed to have my prescriptions, but they didn't. Luckily I have enough to see me through another month and a half, so I didn't actually need them, it's just frustrating to go and be told they aren't there. I did get wrapping paper and a card for Middle Brother's birthday. Came home, and wrapped his presents. Tomorrow I'll go to the post office during lunch and get a prepaid box and mail them.

After that watched two more episodes of The Expanse. It's taken a plot twist now. Can't wait to see where it goes.

Then I ate some cheese and crackers for a late lunch, and called Oldest Brother again. And I puttered on line some more. The FWiB was watching a movie so I wanted to wait till he was done to Skype. Eventually he got done, and we had a nice conversation.

After that I took out two bags of recycling and some garbage. And did some tidying in the kitchen. I ate dinner, and then went and called Middle Brother. He's doing fine.

I was playing solitaire, waiting to called Oldest Brother to say good night when the phone rang. It was John Ivon, and we talked about Oldest Brother's situation and other things. It was quite nice. He said he was going to call Oldest Brother so I waited awhile to give him a chance, and then I called him. Talked a bit, nothing new.

Then I called the Kid, she wanted to call me back so I let her go and played solitaire till it was time to feed the pets. And then she called back so we talked for a bit and here I am.

I finished Paladin's Strength last night and I have nothing more to read now!

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The Kid.

3. Old friends.

4. My brothers are well.

5. Presents ready to go.

6. My pets.
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