February 21st, 2021


Got a little accomplished today

I slept late, actually, I work up, wandered out and turned on the turtle's light, then went back to bed. Finally got up a little after 12.

Had breakfast and coffee, then puttered on the computer for awhile. Then I Skyped the FWiB. We had a nice time, and then I watched two episodes of The Expanse.

I am starting to really enjoy The Expanse. It's really good. It's a bit darker than I usually enjoy, but it's fun anyway, and engrossing.

After The Expanse, I got down to stuff that needed doing, and cleaned the turtle tank and filter. I am sure the turtle is much happier.

After that, I had dinner, and then went to the bedroom and played solitaire until I called Oldest Brother for the third time. When we were just getting off I got another call... and it was Middle Brother, who I had, i am embarrassed to say, quite forgotten to call tonight. I apologized profusely, and all was well.

I called the Kid but she didn't pick up. I'm hoping she'll call back. Then I puttered on my phone, and then I downloaded a pre-order for Paladin's Strength by T Kingfisher on my Nook. It's the sequel to Paladin's Grace, which I read back when the library was closed and we were getting Other Paid Leave instead of having to document every minute of our time. Oddly enough, I have forgotten most of Paladin's grace so I'm rereading it until the pre-order comes in which should be on the 28th. Although I have another pre-order, by Seanen Maguire, coming in on the 23rd.

Anyway, that was my day.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Middle Brother wasn't too upset.

3. New book to read.

4. Clean turtle tank.

5. Girl Scout cookies.

6. Good TV.
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