February 12th, 2021


Medical Day

I got up and headed over to the medical building to do my blood tests. It went OK, they took blood, also a urine sample, and gave me the kit to send in a fecal specimen. The tape holding the bandage on the site of the blood draw is th most adorable stuff, with little penguins and other characters on it! While I was there I also corrected the wrong address on my paperwork, and made an appointment for a Gyn exam. That's going to be March 15th.

Then I went across the street to Bagel Boss and got brunch. A garlic bagel, toasted, with lox and cream cheese. A side salad, broccoli, and a pickle. With a lovely cup of hazelnut coffee. I considered going to the Barnes and Noble there, but decided against it, and just came home. There was a disturbed rider on the 46 bus, who didn't want to wear her mask, and was yelling, which was unpleasant. When I transferred to the 44, I stopped at the Chase bank on the corner there and took out som e money, then came home.

Called Oldest Brother for the second time, then Skyped the FWiB. Then I went to the bedroom and lay down until it was time for my Al-anon meeting. Had the meetings, they were very good.

After that I had dinner, and went to the bedroom. I called Oldest brother, and then [personal profile] mashfanficchick, who alas is not meeting me at Target tomorrow. I also called the Kid but she didn't pick up.

Aunt Helen had posted on my facebook that she had been in the hospital but was now out, so I called John to find out how she was. She is doing much better, apparently she had some sort of infection.

Then I fed the pets, and here I am.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Got my blood tests done.

3. Yummy lunch.

4. Girl Scout cookies.

5. Aunt Helen well.

6. My meetings and the people there.
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