February 2nd, 2021


Doctor Appointment

I slept later than I really intended, but still had plenty of time to get ready to g to the doctor.

The trip was long and nerve wracking in that I wasn't sure where to get off to transfer from the 44 to the 46, and then when to get off the 46. I mean, I know that the streets were but didn't know where they were. But I managed. Then I had to walk from the 46 to the medical building. No big deal, though a longish walk, in good weather, but with snow on the ground, a real pain.

I managed to get there an hour early, so I went to the shopping mall across the street and got a bagel with lox and cream cheese and a broccoli salad, and a pickle for lunch first. It was very good. I was still early for the appointment but that was OK.

So my blood pressure is borderline, and my pulse is so fast that he put me on a beta blocker to slow it down. I'll pick that up from the drugstore tomorrow. Aside from that, I have to have a bunch of blood tests and a mammogram and pap smear and at some point a colonoscopy. But it was all-in-all a good experience.

Then I came home, which was really nerve wracking because it was dark and I was convinced I was going to miss the transfer from the 46 to the 44. But again, I didn't.

Got home with just enough time to Skype the FWiB for a few minutes. Some sad news, his sister-in-law is dying. She had a stroke, and then another one. Scary to think what Oldest Brother could have had.

I called Oldest Brother for the second time after I Skyped the FWiB, then I had my Al-anon meeting. That went well.

Had a snack, since I didn't want a whole dinner after my large lunch, and then called Oldest Brother again, but he didn't pick up. Called the Kid to tell her what the dctor said, and then tried Oldest Brother again. No go.

So I fed the pets and here I am.

Oh, the latest Jonathan Kellerman Alex Delaware mystery that I had preordered was ready for download this morning, but I had the darnedest hard time getting it to load. Fnally it did, and I have it. Not sure when I'll get to read it though, I still have the Nora Roberts, and my reading for the committee.

Anyway, that was my day. Oh, it's official, the library is open tomorrow.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The Kid.

3. My doctor's appointment went well.

4. Mass transit.

5. My rubber rain boots that the Kid convinced me to wear, so my feet stayed dry.

6. Bed soon.
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