January 24th, 2021


I called the Insurance company today

Slept late, called Oldest Brother, then got up and had breakfast and coffee. Puttered online for awhile, then Skyped the FWiB.

We had a nice conversation, and then I put in a Shipt order. After that I pulled myself together and called the insurance company.

It was a very frustrating experience. First I was on hold, they said the approximate wait would be six minutes. It was lnger than that, but not to bad. Someone came on the line... and the call immediately dropped. I called back. It said it would be a twelve minute wait, so I signed up for a callback. They called back... and the call immediately dropped. I called back a third time. It said the wait would be six minutes. I signed up for a callback. They called back and this time the call didn't drop. The person was quite friendly. What I need to do is wait until I get the form from DMV that the plates were turned in, and then send it to them. So hopefully that won't take too long.

The Shipt order was delivered and I put it away. I discovered to my joy that it's Girl Scout Cookie time, and I ordered $30 worth. I read a sample of a Nora Roberts book, Awakening, and downloaded it to my Nook, which is charging now.

I called the Kid and didn't get through, and I called Middle Brother. He's doing fine. I called Oldest Brother again and told him about the insurance situation.

I called the Kid again, and we had a brief conversation. Then I had dinner, and went to the bedroom for awhile.

I called Oldest brother again, and then the Kid called me. She talked me into making a specific date I would call and make a doctor's appointment, so I here state that the day this week I'm working from home I will call during lunch and make a doctor's appointment.

And then I had a bowl of ice cream and now I have to feed the cat who is moaning for food.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The Kid.

3. Handled the insurance issue.

4. Found a new book to read.

5. Both brothers are doing well.

6. My Nook.
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