November 24th, 2020


Almost Thanksgiving

I don't know why I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving so much, when it's only going to be me and Oldest and Middle Brothers. But I am.

Was a bit late to work today but not bad. The day went well, JM and I did the YA Cookbook Discussion, which was a bit depressing in that there were no actual teens, but another YA librarian came and we had an interesting discussion. And we got our new fancy temperature scanning device, which is really cool. But to set it up we had to use the extension cord we use for the coffee maker. A new cord has been ordered, in the meantime, I'm going to bring one of mine in, cause I NEED MY COFFEE in the mmorning!

After work I Skyped the FWiB, and had a nice time. We had to get off because I had to start my Al-anon meeting at 8, so a little shorter than usual, though.

My meeting went very well. Afterward I had dinner, and was just having dessert when Oldest Brother called.

Oldest Brother got his car back today thankfully. It was expensive but not as bad as it could have been, so that's good.

Tomorrow they are letting us out at 2:00, which is nice, but we're starting at 9:00 which means I have to get up early. I'm pretty tired anyway, so I won't do any reading tonight, just go straight to bed after I finish here.

Rosseweisse is still holding on. David Dinkins. the former NYC mayor died. say what you will about him as mayor, he was a good friend to he library.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Quiet day.

3. New temperature scanner.

4. My meetings and the people in them.

5. Oldest Brother got the car back.

6. Ice cream.
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