July 2nd, 2020


Work from home day

My alarm clock accidentally got se an hour ahead, so it went off an hour early. I was so groggy I kept hitting snooze for far too long... but then my phone alarm which I had also set went off at the proper time and I realized I wasn't late after all.

So I got up and breakfasted and coffeed, and settled down to work. I didn't do exactly what I said I would, but I kept up working for the day. One thing I did do was download Marrow Thieves via the SimplyE app to my phone and started reading it, because it's one of the summer reading books. The Kid called during my break and we talked for that, which was nice.

After work I Skyped the FWiB. He's doing fine. After that I went and read my InCryptid book. (I'm only going to read the Marrow Thieves during work, since it counts as work).

I had dinner, and then watched the Thurber reading. After that I called Middle Brother. He's doing OK.

Then i put on Kenny and Tommy's Live Jukebox, and listened to that while I read some more.

I called Oldest Brother and then fed the cat and turtle, and that was the day.

Let's see if there's any chance this crossposts.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. My brothers are OK.

3. Good music.

4. Three day weekend.

5. Fun books.

6. Chocolate covered coffee beans given to me Monday by mashfanficchick which I started eating today.
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