December 26th, 2019


Boxing Day

Well, of course we don't celebrate Boxing Day here in the US, but what the heck. I took the day off from work, so I had a day to recover from Christmas, and clean up most of the clutter from Christmas Eve, do the dishes etc.

So that's really all I did except Skype the FWiB. He had his last, God willing, chemo today, so he was a bit fuzzy when we talked.

Also I got a call this morning from the MTA about my lost metrocard. I am going to get a refund, in one to two weeks. So that's good.

I read a little and dozed a little and puttered online a lot, and that was the day.

Now let's see if Livejournal or Dreamwidth, whichever is responsible for the problem, has gotten theor act together so I can crosspost this without having to post to LJ by hand. It's been three days now...

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Day off.

3. Getting my refund.

4. My pets to keep me company.

5. Naps.

6. The internet.
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