December 20th, 2019


My cleaner crapped out

So I booked another one for Tuesday... which is Christmas Eve, which is cutting it fine, but they should come in the morning and be finished by the time we start. It was very traumatic though, I was counting on being nice and clean by now.

So anyway, after that debacle I went out with [personal profile] mashfanficchick to Union Square and Bryant Park, to the Strand and Forbidden Planet, and to the two Holiday Markets. Much good food was eaten, and some shopping was done. We headed home at around 7:30, very tired.

I got home around 9:00, so there was just enough time to briefly Skype the FWiB. He was getting drowsy, but we had a few minutes, which was nice.

I took out some bags of recycling, and I got a call from the Kid. She went to see the new Star Wars movie today, and I guess she liked it. We may get together Sunday. Or not.

I'm achy from all the walking, but I had a good time, despite being depressed over the cleaner.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The kid.

3. [personal profile] mashfanficchick

4. The Holiday Markets.

5. Christmas shopping just about done.

6. Got a Christmas card from Aunt Helen.
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