December 17th, 2019


Day spent waiting

I put my apartment on the list for the exterminator who was supposed to come today. The last time I had them in, they came in the morning, and we got it over with, so I thought that would happen today, and I said at work that I'd use comp time for the morning, then come in. Then i read the notice more carefully, it said they'd be here between 12 and 3. So I called work and took the whole day. I have comp time to cover.

By 3:00 they hadn't gotten here. I called the company, and they said they were in the building, and would get to me. The guy finally got here at 3:42. And they sprayed and put down gel, so hopefully that'll take care of things.

Then I Skyped the FWiB, and that was nice. And then I lay down and actually had both cats on the bed, though they stayed well away from each other.

Finally I went to my meeting, and the Kid called while I was on the way. Nothing new, unfortunately. I got pizza for dinner, and bought cornstarch to use for a STEM program tomorrow.

My meeting was good, we got a new person who says she's going t come back, so that would be nice.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The exterminator came.

3. The rain stopped before I went out.

4. Sybil seems to be getting bolder.

5. Comp time.

6. The Kid.
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