November 16th, 2019


Quiet day at work

Which was very nice. But we were broiling hot, almost 88 degrees F. We put in a ticket and sent an e-mail but no one came. We had to open the windows and leave the doors open, and use fans. Then it was tolerable.

Came home and on my way picked up my winter coat. The guy said they had to do it twice but got it clean. I have to admit, I haven't looked at it yet.

Then I Skyped the FWiB, until the connection broke and we ended up on the phone again. Nothing is new with him.

Oreo managed to loose his collar and tag somewhere in the apartment. I can't find it anywhere, and it should be fairly obvious. It's unnerving having him padding around with no jingle.

The funeral for Rob Eschelman is going to be Thursday, and I'll order flowers tomorrow.

I'm going to call the Kid tonight about flowers and about Thanksgiving.

And that's about all.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Quiet day.

3. The cleaner said he got my coat clean.

4. Family.

5. Rice pudding.

6. Cold but not icy weather.
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