September 13th, 2019


My day at Wave Hill

So I got up this morning and went to the bagel store for coffee and breakfast. Then went to the 50 bus and in to the Bronx where I met up with L from my Friday meeting and we went to Wave Hill, which is a former mansion and gardens open to the public now. I'd heard of it from the FWiB actually, and had always wanted to go there, so this was my chance. Sadly, N, whose idea it was to go, couldn't make it at the last minute so it was just me and L. But we had a good time. It's a beautiful place.

We had lunch there and walked around, and went to the art gallery, and finally just as it was starting to rain we left.

Then she drove me to my bus stop and I went home and called [personal profile] mashfanficchick to find out if she wanted me to come over. She said she'd contact me later. So I Skyped the FWiB and we had a very nice conversation.

And then I lay down in the bedroom and played on my cell phone and read until [personal profile] mashfanficchick called and asked if I wanted to come over for dinner. So I did, stopping at the bank and Starbucks first. We had pizza, and a very nice time.

And then I came home and printed out directions to the meeting I'm going to tomorrow morning. And now it's time for bed.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. [profile] mashhfanficchick is better.

3. Got to Wave Hill.

4. My meetings and the people in them.

5. Beautiful flowers.

6. Didn't get badly rained on.
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I am very tired

Somehow my clock got un-set last night, and when I thought I was getting up at 6:30, which would have meant about 5 hours of sleep, I actually got up at 5:30. You do the math!

But I easily made it to the work meeting this morning, in fact I had to kill extra time. The meeting itself was OK, neither especially interesting or especially boring. It was in Lincoln Center, so that in and of itself was interesting.

Went back to work and worked the rest of the day. The kids were acting out. The police were called. Nothing serious though.

After work I went and ate at Boston Market, and then tried to Skype the FWiB. The connection kept failing though so we ended up phoning instead.

Then My meeting, which was excellent. J came for the first time in over a year I think! It was great seeing her and we took the bus back together after.

And now I'm waiting for Oldest Brther to call so I can go to bed.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. My meetings and the people there.

3. J came.

4. The meeting this morning was OK.

5. Good weather.

6. Bed soon.
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