August 31st, 2019


Day with Oldest Brother

I started the day by waking up 5 minutes before the alarm went off. Then I got up and showered and went to my meeting, stopping on the way to get a bacon, egg, and cheese and coffee at the bagel store. Then I went to my meeting.

I made it to the beginners meeting, which was a nice thing. Then I got asked to be the speaker for the regular meeting afterward. That made me feel good.

After the meeting, Oldest Brother picked me up and we came back here. We changed the turtle's water and clipped Sybil's claws. Then we puttered on my computer for awhile, and then we went out to Target. Oldest Brother got some envelopes and rubber bands and a new belt, and I got food and orange juice. We also had frappacinos in the Target Starbucks.

While we were out at Target, [profile] mashficchick texted me to ask a question, which was nice, and let me know they were still iin PA.

After Target we went to Petco and I got turtle food. I was going to get a new light bulb for the turtle too but the ones they had that were UVB were very expensive. I'm going to see if I can order one online.

Then we brought the food back and I put it away, and then we went out to eat Indian food at a place we found online. It was a little place, not very fancy, but quite good. We split an appetizer and had a main course of goat, naan, and mango lassa, and dessert. Very filling, I brought about half my main course home.

After that we puttered on the computer some more til Oldest Brother drowsed off and I went to my bedroom and tried to call the FWiB. Got a strange message on the phone, couldn't get through. I e-mailed him and he tried to call me and couldn't get through either, with another strange message. So he Skyped briefly, so we did get to talk a little. He's going to try and find out what's going on with the phone tomorrow.

Anyway, then Oldest Brother got up, and we chatted awhile and I fed the cats and turtle and Oldest Brother went home. And I started writing this.

So it's been a very nice day.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Oldest Brother.

3. My meetings and the people there, and being asked to speak.

4. Clean turtle water.

5. Food for the week.

6. Good dinner.
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