June 16th, 2019


Working Saturday

Made it in on time, which on Saturday because of the bus schedule means very early. Work was OK, we were short staffed but that's the new normal.

After work I went home and Skyped the FWiB. Nothing new, but a nice talk.

Then I worked some more on my Good Omens fic. I like what I've written so far, but I don't know where it's going.

At 9:30 I called Oldest Brother. While we were talking [personal profile] mashfanficchick called and asked if I was interested in going out with them. Yes, I was.

So they picked me up, and we went to Uno, where I made good use of a 25% off coupon and got the lobster roll platter.

Came back here and now I need to go to bed.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Late night invitations.

3. My fic is cominh along.

4. Aic conditioning.

5. Coupons.

6. Bed soon.
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Happy Father's Day

To any fathers on my flist.

Since my father and grandfathers are gone, and the father of my child has fled, I got together with Oldest Brother to have lunch and toast our forefathers.

Started out the day with breakfast and coffee and Skyping the FWiB. we couldn't talk long because he had to go to lunch. So I puttered on liine and finally went and showered and washed my hair.

Oldest Brother arrived and we went to Applebee's for lunch and said our toasts with hard cider. Then we went to Carvel for dessert.

After that we came back to my place, he read what I've written in the Crowley/Aziraphale fic, and we puttered on the computer listening to things on youtube. Finally he took a nap and I went into my bedroom and napped a bit too.

After he woke up we changed the water in the turtle tank. It looks much better now.

We called middle Brother, and then Oldest Brother left. I wrote a little bit more in the fic, and then went into the bedroom and have been listening to Pandora.

Sent the FWiB a link to one of my stories that I thought he'd like (Easy Riding) and he did. I am happy.

And that's the day.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Oldest Brother.

3. The fic is coming along.

4. My father. Daddy I miss you.

5. Clean turtle tank.

6. Carvel.
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