May 12th, 2019


Mother's Day

Was a quiet sort of day. I got up and breakfasted, and puttered online. Got some Happy Mother's Day texts and messages from friends and Oldest Brother.

Showered and dressed for what had been the original plans of the Kid and I, a day in Astoria Park. However the weather was not congenial for park visits.

I Skyped the FWiB, got interupted when he got an unexpected visit from his wife, then continued after she left, a nice long time in total.

The kid called and we agreed that the park was out and a restaurant visit made much more sense. WE arranged to meet at a place called Milkflower which is a kind of fancy pizza place. I looked up directions on how to get there on google, it wasn't too hard. Though it would have been easier if the trains were running normally.

Anyway, I made my way there and we had a nce time. Very good food, I had pasta rather than pizza. Appetizer was ricotta with figs and some kind of fruit bread to eat it with. Dessert was gelato.

Then we made a brief stop in a liquor stor for the Kid to make a purchase, and then the saw me back to my bus stop.

The weather was miserable, and when I got home, after a stop to buy a birthday card and wrapping paper for the Kid, I just didn't feel like going out and getting my laundry. It can wait til tomorrow.

Anyway, that was Mother's Day. Hope all the various types of mothers on my flist had good days as well.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The Kid.

3. Working mass transit.

4. Good dinner.

5. Good time.

6. Warm and dry now.
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