February 6th, 2019


Dismissed from jury duty

As I assumed would happen, I was dismissed from the jury.

Got up a little later than I planned to, but made it to the court way early anyway. Waited and waited and waited until finally they took us into the courtroom, and finished the voir dire from yesterday. And I was dismissed. So I called [personal profile] mashfanficchick and I went over to her apartment.

We, and her mother, went to lunch at a Greek restaurant called Eon. Delicious.

Then we went to a laundromat and I helped them do laundry, and generally hung out. Skyped the FWiB, the Skype from my phone worked this time, go figure. He's fine, went to the track today.

After the laundry was finally done, we went to Red Mango because they were having their $5 fill a bowl night. So we had frozen yogurt for dinner, which was fine after the lunch at Eon.

She also told me that the editor of the Outside In series of fa oriented books is doing another on Kolchak, and looking for writers. Of course I was interested. So she got me in contact with someone, who gave me a email of the editor and sent me a bunch of stuff. So we'll see what comes of that.

I called the Kid last night, all is well there. Then I called her again tonight because I heard from Oldest Brother that Aunt Helen iis in the hospital with pneumonia. Not as serious as it sounds, they think she's fine, but want to keep an eye on her because after all she's almost 90.

And that's basically everything of import.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Released from jury duty.

3. Friends.

4. Aunt Helen not to bad.

5. Rain didn't start until later.

6. Publishing opportunity.
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