September 13th, 2018


Primary Elections

Got up this morning early and voted. The new polling place is much much closer to my apartment, and only a slight detour from going to my bus stop, so that's good.

Sadly I think Cynthia Nixon got creamed, but I didn't really expect her to win. I do hope that this may push Cuomo to the left a little.

Got to work a half hour early, spent it in the staff room with my cup of coffee. Work was OK, except that I was supposed to have a group come in at 4 that never showed up.

After work I called the FWiB, only for a little bit because he had a conversation planned on facetime with an old friend of his. He let me know when they were done, and we Skyped for a short time too.

I heard back last night from Barbara. It was her that I found, and she was happy to hear from me. I set about e-mailing her back when I got home, and the damn e-mail glitched after I had spent a good long time writing a detailed letter to her. I switched to Edge from Chrome (the browser I usually use) and rewrote it. It gave me trouble again but finally sent. No answer yet.

I cleaned the turtle filter when I got in tonight, because it had been making an awful grinding noise last night. I didn't have time to deal with it then so I unpligged it and left it til I got in tonight. After cleaning it, it sounds fine.

Oldest Brother was working the election today. He called me when he got home after. I was eating dinner but we talked anyway.

Text from the Kid today, Arisia room reservations opened at 6 today. The overflow site isn't open yet though so I can't make my reservations yet. Alas, [personal profile] mashfanficchick says she can't make it, so I have to shoulder the cost all myself.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Heard back from Barbara.

3. The Kid wants me at Arisia!

4. Don't have to buy a new turtle filter.

5. Polling place is closer.

6. Free day tomorrow.
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