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Silver Chipmunk Chatter
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Monday, June 25th, 2018

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Home from Pridefest
Spent the night peacefully at [personal profile] mashfanficchick's place. I discovered, however, that my cell phone charger that I carry with me has really died. I knew it was going, I had trouble with it in Ohio, but this morning my phone was at barely 50% power after being charged all night. The phone charges normally on my good charger, the one that came with the phone, so I know it's not the phone. But it was very low battery, and on power saving mode, all day.

Nice surprise, I got a facebook message from Herschel. All well with him. I have to answer it tonight.

Spent a wonderful day in the city, mostly at Pridefest, but also at Union Square, which is where the fest ended, after starting at Waverly Place, or vice versa. I picked up a lot of swag, and got a beautiful facepaint job, which sadly I will have to wash off as soon as I finish posting this.

We ate brunch at a place that I can't remember the name of, I got smoked salmon and cream cheese, with tomato, and cucumber on brown bread. It was delicious.

Afterward in Union Square we went to Forbidden Planet and the Strand, and had dinner at the poke place. Then we went to Barnes and Noble, and I bought the new Ben Aaronovitch graphic novel, Cry Fox.

On the way back to Queens we stopped at Sprinkles and got cupcakes. Then when we got back to Queens, [personal profile] mashfanficchick's mother picked us up, and after collecting my stuff from her apartment, we went to Starbicks for awhile.

Never got to call the FWiB, but we e-mailed during the day.

Gratitude list:

1. [personal profile] mashfanficchick

2. The FWiB.

3. Herschel.

4. Pride.

5. Got the new Aaronovitch.

6. Poke.

Current Mood: happy
Monday again
Work was pretty good, not much to say about it. The kids were antsy cause tomorrow is the last day of school. I got a text from the exterminator, they will be here between 12 and 5. So I'll probably have to take the day off.

Called the FWiB after work and talked while I went to the drugstore and got my prescriptions filled and got cat food. Came home and Skyped for a bit.

After we got off I got a small load of laundry, including the dress I'm wearing to the wedding, together and took it down. I'll pick it up Wednesday after the exterminators get here. And I put the load that I had done last week away. So I feel I feel I accomplished something.

Called The Kid, and had a brief but pleasant conversation with her.

And now it's time for bed, though I'll probably read for a bit.

Gratitude List:

1. Clean clothes.

2. My meds.

3. The FWiB.

4. The Kid.

5. Nice day.

6. Last day of school tomorrow.

Current Mood: accomplished

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