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Silver Chipmunk Chatter
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Sunday, April 15th, 2018

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Didn't sleep well last night
Got to sleep ok when I first went to bed, but then some hours later I woke up, used the bathroom, and didn't get back to sleep for several hours. As a result I really overslept this morning.

Finally got up and essentially did nothing for the day. Well, I read, (I'm working on A Conjuring of Light now) and puttered on the computer. And I Skyped the FWiB. And that's it. I alternated between the bedroom with Sybil, and the living room with Oreo.

So that's really all I have to say. Of course I ate breakfast and dinner, and I just had some of the rice pudding I bought from Stew Leonard's when we were there, but that hardly counts.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Quiet day.

3. Good books.

4. My cats.

5. Rice pudding.

6. Warm dry apartment.

Current Mood: content

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