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Sunday, March 25th, 2018

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Home from the March
We ([personal profile] mashfanficchick and I) got up this morning and headed into the city, stopping at the Port Authority (where we were to transfer from the E to the C train) in order to get something to eat. Then we went to the March.

It was awesome, I can't decide if it was bigger than the first Woman's March last year or not, but it was pretty big. We did the whole march. Someone gave me a sign, and I carried it the whole way.

After we finished, we went to a Starbucks to recover, and have drinks, meaning to use the bathroom too. But their restroom was out of order, so after we sat there awhile we went to the Disney store and I used the bathroom there. We window shopped too, saw some cute stuff.

After that we went back to Queens, taking the E to 71st st and getting off there to go to a poke restaurant that recently opened up there, cause nothing says the kids are all right like raw fish on rice. It was delicious. Then we walked back to her apartment, and ended up watching the movie 1776, which is really cute and somehow seemed apropos.

After that I came home via mass transit, and the only hitch of the day happened. My electronic key fob wouldn't work to open the door. Luckily there was a couple making out in the courtyard, and I interrupted and asked if they lived there and could they try to open the door for me. The young woman lived here, and her fob worked, which in a way is more disconcerting than if it didn't because now apparently it's a problem with my fob. So tomorrow I shall have to figure out who to call about it and what to do.

All was well when I did get in. I fed the cats and turtle, and have been on the computer since.

Didn't talk to the FWiB, but we e-mailed all day. I also got texts from The Kid who apparently went to a march in Allentown. and from J, who I had asked to join us but couldn't.

So that was my day.

Gratitude List:

1. There was some one to let me into the building.

2. [personal profile] mashfanficchick

3. The FWiB.

4. The Kid.

5. The other marchers.

6. Yummy food during the day.

Current Mood: tired
Recovery Day
Also I tried fixing the problem with my key fob. Got up not too late, breakfast and coffeed, and called the 24 hour emergency number, which turns out to be the same number as the regular management number, just with a different phone message. Anyway, after being on hold for a long time, I spoke to someone, who was very nice and friendly and not very helpful. I have to call management back tomorrow and go from there.

So for the rest of the day I was stuck inside, which wasn't such a big sacrifice really since it wasn't very nice out. I puttered on the computer and napped and read a bit.

I Skyped the FWiB, which was great as always.

Today is the anniversary of two fires in New York City, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, which killed 146 in 1911, and the Happy Land Social Club fire, which killed 87 in 1990. My grandmother was almost a worker at the Triangle Shirtwaist factory, she and her best friend had gone there to seek work, but decided it looked to dangerous and walked away, not to long, maybe about a week, before the fire.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Grandma walked away from the factory.

3. day to recover from the March.

4. My birthday tomorrow!

5. All my pets are well.

6. The March yesterday.

Current Mood: okay

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