March 17th, 2018


Made a big booboo

When I went to bed last night I turned on the alarm on the alarm clock. However I dd not reset the alarm, so instead of getting up at 6:30, I got up at 7:30 which I did not notice. I continued on my way blithely thinking I was nice and early for work when instead I was running an hour late. Very embarrassing to say the least.

Aside from that, though, the day was pretty good. I wore green for St Patrick's Day with a string of St Patrick's day beads I had. We had a free tax preparation program at work today, which reminded me I have to get my taxes done pretty soon.

After work I went home, remembering to bring A Gathering of Shadows with me this time, and Skyped the FWiB. And then I went and started reading the book.

Invited Oldest Brother to come over tomorrow, no idea what we'll do but I just didn't feel like being alone. [personal profile] mashfanficchick will probably be unavailable, as she went to Tribal Forces.

Still keeping the cats apart. It's so much calmer that way, but it's heartbreaking to hear Oreo meowing outside the bedroom door when I'm in there reading.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all!

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Beautiful day.

3. Calm cats.

4. Good books.

5. Oldest Brother.

6. Birds in flight against a blue sky.
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