February 18th, 2018


Day with friends

Got up and had breakfast, then [personal profile] mashfanficchick and her mother picked me up with Theo and we went to Westchester. First we went to Costco, where [personal profile] mashfanficchick and I did some shopping, and grazed our way through the free samples while her mother and Theo napped in the car. Then we went to Stew Leonards and got food for lunch after going through the store for Theo's entertainment.

Stew Leonard had no space for eating inside, however, and the outside area was closed due to the weather, so we went back to Costco and ate in their food area. And when we left it was snowing. And continued snowing the rest of the day.

We drove to White Plains in search of a CVS that had an elevator that Theo saw on YouTube (yes I know, for a kid he has curious interests) but didn't find it. Or rather, we think we found the store, but they no longer had the elevator open to the public. So that was a wild goose chase.

I called the FWiB from the car, and we talked for awhile. All is well with him.

By then it was night, so we went back to the Bronx to a mall there, and went to Bath and Bodyworks where I got some handsoap. Theo rode the elevators for some time, and then we went to Ted Robin for dinner. Yum.

Then we went to the same Target that I go to after work on the way home sometimes. I got a pair of rainboots, and [personal profile] mashfanficchick got diapers for Theo, and a small toy for him. And Theo rode the elevator.

Then the bummer part of the day. The car wouldn't start. It was pretty scary. But we got a jump from one of the people working there, and it started after that, and they brought me home.

All is well here. I asked [personal profile] mashfanficchick to text me when they got home so I'd know they were safe, and she did. Theo was playing with the elevator.

So that was the day. Mostly a pretty good one, with a little excitement at the end.

Gratitude List:

1. The car started.

2. Friends.

3. The FWiB.

4. Everyone got home safe.

5. New boots.

6. Bed soon.
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Day with Oldest Brother

Back at Christmas time I gave Oldest Brother the gift of an expenses-paid day around Union Square. Today I paid up.

We took the bus in to Flushing, got bubble tea, and then took the subway from there, transferring at Grand Central Station. We managed to get seats on the 7 train but not one on the 6, but that's only a few stops. At Union Square we walked to Poke Stop, the poke restaurant around the corner from the Strand. Had some delicious poke for lunch, and then went back to Forbidden Planet. I found myself a Dresden Files graphic novel, and Oldest Brother picked out The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, reliving his childhood as he said.

Then we went to The Strand, and wandered around. I got myself His Majesty's Dragon, which I've always been interested in reading but never got around to, and for Oldest Brother, Neuromancer. He got himself a couple of books too.

By then it was getting latish, we were tired, and there wasn't much of anything going on in Union Square, so we took the subway back to Flushing, and had pizza at Lucia Pizza, which I think is some of the best I've ever had. While we were there we talked on the phone to Middle Brother, who is doing well.

And then we came back here and Oldest Brother took a nap and I called the FWiB. We only had a short conversation because it was late and he was getting sleepy. So after that I started reading the Dresden Files book.

And now he's awake, the cats are fed (Oreo's been hiding ever since we got here) and it was a very good day.

Gratitude List:

1. Oldest Brother.

2. Wonderful places in the city.

3. Poke.

4. The FWiB.

5. Mostly got seats on the subway (though we had to stand sometimes)

6. Nice weather for the day.
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