December 20th, 2016


Pretty good day

The morning was quite busy as we were short staffed. But i got through it. In the afternoon I did the laptop program with the teens, pretty small, sadly. After work I had Burger king for dinner, then went to my favorite beauty place to get my face waxed. Had to wait a long time, but I got done with enough time to spare to do some quick shopping in Walgreen's, cat food, coffee and cereal. Then my meeting, which was very good.

My last package has not been delivered yet and I am worried.

Something I should mention. Last night I sent an e-mail to the FWiB's wife, offering my amends for being obnoxious at the beginning of the year. No response yet, and I doubt I will get any response, but I tried.

Gratitude List:

1. My meeting and the people there.

2. Waxed face.

3. Christmas is coming.

4. A bit warmer today.

5. Holiday cookies.

6. Don't have to be to work til 11 tomorrow so I can sleep later.
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