December 9th, 2016


Party in Manhattan

I admit it, I called out sick today because I had trouble getting up again and didn't want to be hours late. It was easier to call in sick and sleep most of the day. But I did get up and get out for the YA party, which was in a bar in Harlem called Harlem Nights. Very nice but LOUD. My ears are still buzzing. I stayed a couple of hours, which was enough time to have two expensive drinks called Sexy Chocolate, and eat. The food was fried pickles, macaroni and cheese bites, popcorn shrimp, wings, sweet potato fries and regular fries. I made some conversation and all in all had an OK time. Stopped on the way back and got milk.

And that's all of my day.

Gratitude List:

1. Able to call in sick.

2. Party.

3. Friends.

4. Sleeping late.

5. Shampoo.

6. Mass transit system.
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