December 5th, 2016


Day in the city

Much to tell and little time to tell it. Went into Manhattan with mashfanficchick and Mandy, we went to Union Square, where we saw the Wall of dissent in the subway station. mashfanficchick was interviewed by two young women making a dicumentary, she did awfully well. We left our own messages on the wall. Mine said "I vow to stand strong against hate".

Then we went to the Holiday Fair in the square. Had lunch, then looked at all the booths. Got very little as I am broke, but did get something for the SIL.

Then we went to Starbucks and sat down in the warmth and had hot chocolate. And then we went to The Strand and bookshopped, and I got some stuff. Not for me though, *sigh*. Then we went to Whole Foods, and then we came back to Queens.

Went to their place and had dinner, and then I came home.

Very late, feeding cats and then bed.

Gratitude List:

1. Friends.

2. The Wall.

3. Living in NYC.

4. Some Christmas presents bought.

5. Cats here to greet me.

6. The mass transit system.
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Very tired

Nothing much about today. Did the gaming program with the teens, went well. Very tired from being out so late yesterday. One of the things I ordered for Christmas came in, that's good. Took some garbage out and bagged recyclables to take out later. And going to bed soon.

Gratitude List:

1. Bed soon.

2. Made it to work on time.

3. Package arrived.

4. Some work done.

5. Didn't rain like I thought it would.

6. Healthy pets.
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