December 3rd, 2016


Working Saturday

Went OK, nothing special. Had to wait an almighty long time for a bus home. Then got off at the stop for the Stop and Shop, and did some shopping. Got sushi from the store for dinner, just like the last time it was not as good as restaurant sushi, but not bad. Anyway, had to wait an almighty long time for the bus from there too. So that by the time I got home I had lost all ambition for taking some more garbage out, though I did bag it and tie it up. Tomorrow I'll get rid of it.

E-mailed Denise about Christmas, haven't heard back from her, though I wasn't expecting to yet. Texted mashfanficchick to find out if she was doing anything tomorrow, she said she didn't know yet. I may go to Union Square if I motivate myself.

Downloaded Crooked Kingdom, and been reading it.

Gratitude List:

1. Quick day.

2. A good boss who can deal with incidents such as young kids insulting others with racist remarks.

3. Good books.

4. Stocked up on cat food and coffee.

5. Family.

6. Not awfully cold for standing and waiting for a bus.
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