November 21st, 2016


Pretty normal day

Not much to say about it, I did the gaming program with the kids, and it went quite well. And i asked for January 21 off and got it so I can go to the Woman's March against Trump.

On the down side I started my period, which I haven't had since the summer, and I was hoping I had done with. I'm 54, how long can it keep up?

Called The Kid to give her the address of the place we're going for Thanksgiving. Nothing much going on.

So that's the day. Rereading the first in the Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovich. For those who don't know him it's urban fantasy/police procedural and I love them.

Gratitude List:

1. Good books.

2. Understanding boss.

3. Wasn't out very long in the cold before the bus came.

4. The Kid.

5. Good food.

6. Short week.
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