May 17th, 2016


My meeting got messed up

A scary homeless guy crashed our meeting tonight wanting first to use the bathroom. Then he wouldn't leave so we had to call 911. Apparently he's been a problem there before.

Work was ok, I was a little late though which was a problem as someone had called out sick so there was only one person there at opening time so we opened late. And we couldn't get the safe open. Happily the old boss came in and I threw myself on her mercy and she opened it. It was the third part of the LEGO program, it didn't go too well but the kids had fun which was the main thing.

Got a call from the Kid. That was nice.

Haven't done anything about the FWiB's brother yet.

Got e-mail from Aunt Helen about Uncle Vern. Apparently the only funeral at this time is going to be very small, immediate family and neighbors only, but there will be a memorial service this summer upstate.

Gratitude List:

1. The police came quickly when I called 911.

2. No big deal about opening late.

3. Got the safe open.

4. LEGO program went OK.

5. My meeting and the people there.

6. The Kid.
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