March 5th, 2016


Working Saturday

Bummer. But at least it was still light by the time I got home. That's a plus. Cold though. Didn't do much of anything after work. Just finished reading The Dark is Rising, so I can discuss it when the book discussion starts. One thing about it that I didn't remember or actually, that i didn't pick up on when I read it before was the absolute divide between the Old Ones of the Light, and the regular humans. That was a bit off-putting in a way, but for the most part I really enjoyed it.

Tomorrow I really should go shopping for a birthday present for Middle Brother. No idea what I'll get.

Nothing much else to say.

Gratitude List:

1. Good books.

2. Fairly quiet day.

3. The days growing longer.

4. Day off tomorrow.

5. Spring is coming.

6. The Kid.
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