February 13th, 2016


A very COLD day

And it's going to get worse this weekend.

I started the day with therapy, and then to work. Quiet day, nothing much. Wrote some "Staff Picks" for a few books, including gentleman Jole and the Red Queen. Wonder if it'll get anyone to take it out.

Boston Market for dinner and to my meeting in the evening.

The Kid has me thinking about writing fanfiction again. She's right, I should start again. I have a few small ideas for Leverage fics, we'll see if anything comes of them.

Called the FWiB, no answer.

Looking forward to my week's vacation now. Have a fair amount of stuff I need to do.

Gratitude List:

1. My meetings and the people there.

2. Therapy.

3. The Kid.

4. Oldest Brother.

5. Good TV.

6. Ideas for writing.
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So Scalia died.

No sympathy from me. And the Republicans have made it clear they'll block any attempt by Obama to appoint a successor. Bastards.

Spent the day inside. Read in the morning, then watched leverage for the rest of the day. Finished it at last. So now to write fanfiction...

Nothing else of interest here, for the first day of my vacation.

Gratitude List:

1. Good books.

2. Good TV.

3. Day to stay indoors.

4. Heated apartment.

5. New friends from friending meme. (Hi!)

6. My cats.
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