August 21st, 2015


Beach day

But first Bjorn to the vet. That went well, mashfanficchic and her mother picked me up and the visit went well except they couldn't get a urine specimen, so I have to try tomorrow putting some stuff in an empty litter box and then collecting the urine for them.

Then I dropped him off at home and we went to the beach. Pizza first, that was delicious. Then the beach. Had a very nice time.

Called the FWiB, he isn't doing so well.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Friends.

3. Bjorn was good at the vet's.

4. My cats.

5. I have an official move in date of the first.

6. The beach.
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A bit frustrated

The day started with therapy which was fine. Then I came home and shut Bjorn in the bedroom with me and a specially set up litter pan so I could get a urine sample. He hasn't peed yet. I'm going to have to keep him shut in my bedroom all night if he hasn't by the time I go to bed.

Went to my meeting, that was a Good Thing.

Came home and tried to call the FWiB and had technical difficulties. His end,as far a I can tell, not mine. So I don't really know how he is doing.

Haven't heard about when I go in to sign the lease.


Gratitude List:

1. Bjorn.

2. The FWiB.

3. My meeting and the people there.

4. Naps.

5. Good books.

6. Vacation time.
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